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“Chimera” The Mad Scientist’s Ducati from Balamutti

Aesthetics have a major role in determining most social norms. Only a select few take their engineering to a different level. One of those is this bizarre St. Petersburg-built Ducati.

Vitaliy Selyukov of Balamutti’s workshop created it, and he’s a master at pushing the boundaries of technology. With his latest project, he has managed to keep his cool and build a tricycle Ice Racer Hypermotard.

Balamutti is run by Vitaliy, his wife Sanita, and their daughter Angelina, who all work together. Even so, this “Chimera” The Mad Scientist’s Ducati 900SS-strong construction is anything but simple.

A significant amount of effort reflects in this bike’s front end, which uses a swingarm with central steering and takes up most of that time. The Mad Scientist’s Ducati is an easy comparison point because of its identical front end. Is there anything special about this one?

Concept and Parts

That’s how I got around Bimota’s patent,” explained Vitaliy. “Count Shilovsky, the inventor of this suspension, designed it.” History buffs may recognize Shilovsky as the inventor of the gyroscope-stabilized “Gyro” in 1914.) Vitaliy confesses that Bimota Tesi was a major influence on him. Yet, I’ve made several changes when it comes to the handlebar.

Vitaliy chose high-quality structural alloy steel whenever possible. It was to reduce the drag-free weight without sacrificing strength.

The rest of the bike is significantly modified using parts from other Ducatis, such as the Hypermotard, Monster S2R and the 916 and 1098.

Reworked and painted, the engine was a Desmo L-twin 900SS with a sliding clutch. Sanita welded a unique stainless steel exhaust system. She coated it with a titanium nitride coating, a durable ceramic substance to allow the gas to flow out of the vehicle.

The 7.5-inch-wide rear wheel has 48 spokes and is a unique rear swingarm. The LED brake lights feature several pieces of plastic arranged around a piece of metal inside.

After market addition

Aftermarket parts from Arashi include the floating rotor and twin Brembo brake calipers. They provide optimal stopping force on the Hypermotard’s suspension and linkage. On the back of each wheel is a mirror image of a mechanism same as on the front wheels.

On this equipment, the storage tank is among the few common features. When asked about the original SS900 tank, Vitaliy replied, “I really like it.” As a result, we decided to preserve the form but reduce the size. Aluminum welding by Leonid from Driveinworkshop, a local fabricator. While Vitaliy was at it, he also removed the original dashboard of the Ducati. He installed a little Koso clock on it.

“I 3D printed one where the start button was because it didn’t have an oil pressure light.” He also made a mirror that used polished stainless steel, rather than glass, as the reflective material.

Octopus Art Aerografia’s Anton handled the vibrant paint colors. The aluminum finish on the front swingarm is the most difficult part of the project.

Despite Vitaliy’s admission that he’s a “crazy scientist,” we’re fine with it. They may not be for everyone, but these bikes show that engineering can be fun and offer a lot of color to the realm of customization.

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