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BMW Finally Reveals Specs For the 1,800cc Boxer Twin!

BMW has its 1,800cc boxer twin in the works for a while now. If this bike concept interests you, you’ll be happy to know that BMW has finally unveiled the specifications of the engine. Until recently, the company has kept the engine specifics hidden.

BMW states that the engine will go into development sometime during 2020. The engine has a displacement of 1,802cc and the cylinders have a diameter of 107 mm and a stroke of 100cc. There are aluminum pistons here too. The engine weighs 244.3 pounds while the transmission and intake are intact.

It features an overhead valve design, coupled with a dual camshaft setup. The crankshaft has an extra bearing to keep movements to a minimum. The engine produces 91 hp and 116.5 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm. Maximum rpm is 5.750 rpm for the mill.

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Without a doubt, BMW will be able to sell the bikes with this engine in it. The engine is stunning to look at and a perfect addition to the concept of a cruiser motorcycle. We are a bit surprised at the fact that the engine doesn’t produce a bit more power. We were certainly expecting more than 100 hp, but 91 hp is still quite a number.

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Source: Web Bike World

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