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BMW Is Developing The R18 Transcontinental!

The 2021 variant of the BMW R18 is an epic cruiser bike, with a large 1,800cc boxer twin engine that produces a tremendous torque amount. BMW knows the advantages of this bike to heart and plans to release a few variations of this bike. The spotlight today is on the fully-faired variant of the R18.

Some sources found out about BMW’s new trademarks that suggest that the mentioned variant will have a Transcontinental tagline. Well, the naming fits the full fairing and luggage space, which would make for a killer touring motorcycle.

Also, there have been numerous leaks of the fairing added to R18, similar to ones found on Harley-Davidson bikes. Still, BMW always has surprises for us.

Other than the mentioned features, the R18 bike won’t change dramatically, with the engine and chassis staying the same. The bike will have more weight, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, it will certainly be an epic bike to hit the highway with.

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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