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Arc Vector Is Still Alive!

Arc Vector Is Still Alive!

Arc Motorcycles have released an amazing-looking, yet very expensive electric motorcycle – the Vector. Sadly, the company went through bankruptcy in 2019, leaving the future of this electric motorcycle uncertain. It seems that the company and its bike are up for another go!

The founder of the company, Marc Truman, bought the company assets after it filed for bankruptcy. He decided to do so because “the project had come too far and had been too well-received”.

Well, the company built lots of buzz, even though the Vector was too pricey considering its performance and battery range. Nevertheless, it got many people hooked on the idea, and the company managed to raise almost $1,1 million in crowdfunding before the bankruptcy.

Truman says that they are taking things a bit slower now when there is no pressure from big companies. He stated that the first Vector bikes are to be delivered to customers within a year. There is also a “special” surprise for the first ten customers.

Let’s see what happens with the Arc Motorcycles. Is it going to be a success story in the end?

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