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Aprilia Is Developing A 400cc Lineup Of Bikes!


Aprilia found huge success this year with the RS 660 bike. It seems that Aprilia is planning to expand this success to the 350-400cc market!

The Aprilia lineup started at RS 125 (125cc) and swiftly jumped 1000cc to the RSV4 (1200cc). To bridge this gap, Aprilia released the RS 660 (660cc), just in the middle of the displacement range gap.

Right now, Aprilia has a lineup dominated by extremes. While the RS 125 might be too small for some, the RSV4 might be too strong for most customers. That’s one of the reasons why Aprilia is planning to expand to the 350-400cc market.

Aprilia has confirmed that they will develop RS 400 and Tuono 400 bikes for the mentioned displacement range. 

We still don’t what markets Aprilia is aiming for with this range. Judging by the record sales of Honda H’ness CB350 and Royal Enfield Meteor 350 in India, it’s highly likely that Aprilia will consider India too!

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Source: Web Bike World



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