A week ago, Yamaha revealed a very cool concept bike – the Yamaha F155. It’s labeled as a scooter, but in reality, it is a catchy scooter/bike hybrid that looks absolutely nuts!

Before revealing this concept, Yamaha has lifted the curtain on the Exciter 155. That just pumped up the hype even more for the Asian markets. The F155 utilizes the 155cc engine from R15 and ditches the CVT for geared transmission. This baby will produce 20 horsepower and will certainly be fun to ride.

We can see that Yamaha is inspired by the full-size superbikes when it comes to the style of this one. From the aggressive tail section to the USD front fork and a rear frame-mounted mono-shock, the F155 looks more like a Yamaha superbike than a scooter. Other notable style highlights include the exhaust, rims, front fender, and belly pan.

We think this bike will be a great addition to the Yamaha scooter family, as it will ditch the uninspired Vespa look for something more powerful. A sheep in wolf’s clothing, we might say.

This bike is just a concept for now. We don’t know if it will actually hit the production lines, but we certainly would love to see this one in the crowded streets of Asia.

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Source: Web Bike World


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