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Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Ready For Release!

Two years after Yamaha revealed their E01 concept scooter at the Tokyo Motor Show, the production variant is near to launch. Based on the details we’ve been able to scrap from Yamaha’s patent applications, the E01 electric scooter is set to be a promising electric model.

First of all, Yamaha is trying to bring five distinct innovative features, focusing on getting the battery power benefits while avoiding the usual electric bike faults. Also, Yamaha will retain the E01 concept name, as Yamaha has filed a trademark for it.

The overall styling of the production E01 electric scooter will be strikingly similar to the concept itself. Main differences arise in some toned-down design choices, mainly around the seat.

For instance, the production variant will have plastic panels around a lift-up seat, with pillion grips integrated into the body. The concept variant, on the other hand, had cloth-style seat material, which is now scrapped.

Yamaha E01 Patent showing innovations Yamaha is chasing.

Based on the engineering patents, Yamaha has paid extra care to maximize space under the seat. The electric engine is located above and behind the front sprocket, and the whole mounting mechanism is designed to free room under the seat.

Other electronic parts are mounted inline in front of the motor and transmission. There is the speed controller, battery pack, and other electronic parts.

The battery on the E01 is placed in a plastic case and bolted into the tubular steel frame. As the control circuits are located in the same case, the scooter’s front is narrower than the rear.

Because of these design choices, Yamaha E01 electric scooter isn’t a genuine step-through scooter, but at least that means you will have much more storage space, which is a problem with scooters nowadays.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing how the E01 scooter looks and feels in motion!

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