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Tesla May Be Building an Electric Dirt Bike!

Tesla showed its new Cybertruck recently. The reveal caused a lot of uproars. Also, the Tesla four-wheeler ATV was a small part of the Cybertruck demonstration. It has recently been announced that the four-wheeler will enter development sometime in the future. Even more recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed the possibility of an electric dirt bike.

Musk tweeted: “Electric dirt bikes would be cool too”. He referred to a question asked about the ATV and the potential updates on it. Musk said that Tesla was going to try to get the ATV out at the same time that the truck is coming out, but he failed to say when the dirt bike would come out if it ever would.

If you’re hoping for a Tesla road bike, don’t count on it just yet. Musk said Tesla wasn’t going to do mountain bikes. He found them too dangerous and said he nearly died on a motorcycle when he was 17 and got hit by a truck.

We don’t put too much faith in Musk saying that he wouldn’t do a road bike. If he is able to get autonomous vehicle technology to the point where he wants it, an electric motorcycle that can be detected by autonomous car technology actually makes complete sense. It’ll be fascinating to see what’s will happen with Tesla and electric bikes in the coming years. We would really love to see the Tesla electric dirt bike!

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David Gabric
David Gabric
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