Suzuki Hayabusa, is by no doubt, a legendary bike. It dominated the 2000s, especially when it comes to the European market. Due to increasing regulations due to new emission standards, it was taken off the European market in 2018. 

When it comes to the US, the Hayabusa was included in Suzuki’s lineup until 2020, when it didn’t appear. The new tease by Suzuki confirms that they’ve taken a hiatus before launching the updated Hayabusa.

Three years later, and it seems that Suzuki is preparing the return of the legendary motorcycle for the European market too. Check out the teaser down below.

Suzuki plans to keep the motorcycle world in suspense with the reveal of this bike until February 5th. Well, the looks don’t lie, and the bike in the teaser is indeed the Hayabusa (Japanese translation for “peregrine falcon”).

What can we expect from the updated Hayabusa? Will it get some modern, innovative touch to keep up with the competition?

According to some Japanese publication rumors, the new Hayabusa will only get a new design (we can see the classic instrument cluster with new TFT in the middle) and some Euro emission standard-compliant updates.

We are certainly hyped up to see the return of the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa. It seems that it could be the first bike on display on Suzuki’s virtual Global Salon.

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Source: Web Bike World


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