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Spy Shots Of BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Emerge!

After BMW revealed the concept in November 2020 for this particular electric scooter, a few spy shots have emerged on “decoches blogspot” a few days ago. These shots essentially confirm that the BMW CE 04 will closely follow along with the concept.

BMW CE 04 Spy Shot from the front.

Based on these spy shots, we can see that the CE 04 electric scooter will retain the wide front dominated by V-shaped headlights. It has a flat profile from the front to back that pronounces the battery rather than hiding it. A curious design choice, indeed.

Also, we can see that it will have a squat feet forward seating position, which may attract regular motorcycle riders. It surely looks that this scooter will try to aim at a wider audience.

BMW CE 04 Digital Instrument Panel

Another spy shot shows a digital dashboard that will be implemented with the CE 04. It looks lovely, to say at least.

For the time being, these are all the shots we have of the CE 04 electric scooter. Remember, this is the second electric scooter from BMW, the first being the BMW C Evolution Plus. See the Evolution Plus in action down below.

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Source: Visor Down

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