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Simpson Launches The New Speed Bandit Motorcycle Helmet!

Simpson Helmets is adding another helmet to the Bandit range that is called the Speed Bandit. At first glance, it shares many similarities with the previous helmets in the Bandit range, albeit it has a bit of changes and updates on the features front.

First of all, the Speed Bandit features DOT and ECE certifications. It features a lightweight polycarbonate shell that you can get in three different sizes, depending on the size of the helmet you choose. 

One unique feature comes in the form of a “Speed Brow” – which creates a venturi effect that cools your head. This feature is also implemented in the chin vents and the central rear exhaust vent. One thing to note is that you cannot close these vents. So, if it is raining, prepare to get your head a bit wet!

The Speed Bandit features a wide quick-release, Pinlock-ready face shield that offers a wide field of view. You can place it in four different positions, and it also features a locking mechanism. 

Inside the helmet, you can find a hypo-allergenic liner that you can entirely remove and wash. The helmet also features built-in pockets so that you can integrate a comm system of your choice.

Right now, you can choose this helmet in one of the six different sizes, from XS to XXL. The price of the helmet is 279,95$/244,81€/222,92£. When we get our hands on this nice motorcycle helmet, we will definitely put up a review!

For now, check out the gallery of the Speed Bandit below!

Gallery Source: Simpson Helmets

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Source: Web Bike World

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