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Norton Recalls The V4 SS Bikes With Over 35 Defects!

Norton is now recalling all the V4 SS motorcycles sold in the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Let’s recall, this is a big brand and a supersport model that costs $62,148/€50,961/£44,000. It seems that there are over 35 faults in the bikes produced in that certain period. Not the most promising numbers, that’s for sure!

Back when the bike was close to release, it was marketed as “developed at the Isle of Man TT” and “redefined for the road”. Well, more than 35 defects that threaten the rider safety sure don’t sound as marketed. Keep in mind that this bike saw its quality assurance and release when Norton was managed by NMUL Realisations Limited, under which management, the company almost crumbled completely.

Norton now actively stresses this fact and claims that they will cover all repair costs, regardless of the financial losses that may implicate for the company. Also, they are in direct contact with all the V4 SS users who noticed the defects and are looking for more faults to fix.

Amidst these news, the new management of Norton announced they will elect a new permanent senior leadership team to help with the commitment to top-notch legacy bikes. As the V4 SS has a legacy on its back, we hope Norton manages to solve all the defects it now has!

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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