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Honda To Release New Performance Kit For The CRF450L!

The Honda CRF450L is a fantastic motorcycle. It is built for riders who want to go on the track but will never waste hours rolling around the racecourses.

The bike is incredibly flexible. There are people who fit a range of travel gadgets and then rode them back and forth to Morocco. But there is one aspect that has always been lacking in this bike – the power.

We love the torque quality of its engine, even if it is a little bit easy to stall at the edges. It generates only 23bhp of its 449cc single, particularly since the US version produces 40bhp.

In 2020, things are set for a change. As the US and UK variants of the bike are very similar, some people have ordered US parts and converted their UK bikes. Now, Honda UK will offer upgrade parts as an official kit.

The Power Up Kit consists of a new ECU and intake manifold. These two boost power into the mid-40 numbers. Still, there are no official figures from Honda. Also, the kit configuration won’t affect your warranty or service intervals. Honda initially set them up according to the engine of higher output.

If you have a 450L already, this is probably the kit you are looking for! It will release in February. We will make sure to cover the upgrade model in the following months.

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