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Kawasaki Has A Three-Wheeled Bike In The Works!

Three-wheeled motorcycles have always been peculiar. Nevertheless, it seems Kawasaki wants a piece of this pie too. Recently, they filed patents for one such bike. What sets it apart is one of the strangest suspension systems yet seen on the market.

The design ditches up and down forks, and utilizes horizontal links. It will also be able to lean in the corners. That too, makes it much different from other three-wheeled motorcycles on the market. We can easily compare it to Yamaha Niken, to be more specific.

Kawasaki states that this design choice will greatly reduce the weight of the bike. That statement is questionable at best. Even though the forks are removed, there are more added components that may weigh the same, or even more. Also, it is possible that the pedals will not lean. Instead of the usual lean, one pedal will lift over the other one to aid the lean.

We really hope that this weird looker makes it to the production phase. Innovative designs from established motorcycle companies are a sight to behold!

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Source: Web Bike World

David Gabric
David Gabric
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