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Honda Is Working On A Drone-Equipped Electric Motorcycle!

Honda hasn’t been the best when it comes to electric motorcycle development when we retrospect on the last few years, apart from some electric mopeds and swappable batteries. That is likely to change, judging by a peculiar patent filed by Honda.

In the mentioned patents, we can see an electric motorcycle styled as a sportbike with full fairings, and a drone mounted on the rear. Actually, this drone is the subject of the patent in question. Even though it is listed in the document that Honda’s R&D team is hard at work on electric bikes, a drone would be an interesting addition to their tech.

Based on this documentation, the drone would function as a quadcopter with some expanded features when deployed. Also, it would serve a particular purpose when mounted on the rear, in which case the quadcopter would revert to its original shape.

So, what functions would this drone have? When deployed, it would enhance the operation of the bike as well as optimize navigation. Also, Honda states that the drone would be able to deliver batteries to a rider in need and able to contact emergency services. Along with that, the drone would be able to monitor the health of the motorcycle.

When mounted, the drone would serve its purpose as an exhaust fan and cool the electric motor for optimized performance.

Check out the gallery below for the inside look at the patent in question!

Along with the mentioned functionalities, this drone could enhance the driving of the host vehicle, with features such as:

  • Autonomous piloting 
  • Remote control 
  • Driver-assistance
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Docking system
  • Ability to scan for hazards on the road
  • Other advanced driving assistance features that aren’t yet disclosed

Well, the driving assistance features would certainly come in handy, but there is a question of intrusiveness that is yet to be addressed.

Nevertheless, this move would prove to be a revolutionary one for Honda and electric motorcycles in general. We are certainly eager to see how this concept will develop as time passes.

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Source: Ride Apart

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