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Honda Is Developing A Supercharger For The Africa Twin!

A specific publication got their hands on the designs coming from Honda. The designs in question show that Honda is indeed working on a supercharged Africa Twin adventure motorcycle! Actually, they already filed three patents with the Japanese Patent Office.

The patents show that this variant of the Africa Twin will feature an engine-driven supercharger and a dual injection system using direct and indirect fuel injection. These implementations will most certainly boost the power of the already powerful Africa Twin.

The Unicam 1084cc parallel-twin engine will stay unchanged. But, there is a catch in the form of an attached supercharger and the pipework to improve its performance. 

The supercharged engine of the Africa Twin.
The supercharged engine of the Africa Twin.

We certainly didn’t expect this move from Honda, but it’s a great consideration when we see how Kawasaki is doing it with their H2. The implementation from Honda is a bit different, though.

This will be a positive displacement supercharger, which will move a fixed amount of air with each rotation. That will result in the same amount of pressure whether the motorcycle is in an idle state or at high speed. Essentially, the supercharger will provide more consistency in power and a fatter torque curve, which is golden for an ADV motorcycle. 

Honda will also add injectors to cylinders to help with lower fuel consumption while providing the best possible performance. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Honda has tried their hand at superchargers, but this is the most complete design we saw from them. We are quite excited about how this will work on the Africa Twin in motion!

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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