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Honda Introduces its Benly Electric Scooter To the Market!

Honda unveiled its Honda e:Technology system at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019. One component of the system, the Benly E scooter, is about to go into development. This is the electric version of the Benly. Benly is a durable delivery scooter that Honda is currently selling to businesses in Japan. The Benly E is expected to ship to business customers in April 2020.

That part is good news. What is the bad news then? Honda is only planning on selling 200 of these per year, to begin with. Four models will be available: the Benly E:I, the Benly E:II and the Pro variants of these Benly models. The Pro versions come with:

  • a large front box,
  • a large rear carrier
  • knuckle guards
  • regular foot brake system

Each sold Benly E will come with two Honda Mobile Power Packs and two designated MPP chargers. Prices vary from 737,000 yen ($6,738) for the regular Benly E to 748,000 yen ($6,839) for Pro models.

While the initial lower production output of these compact scooters is a bit of a downer, perhaps it will change in the future. Honda says that the reason for the production output limitation is the maintenance of suitable social responsibility levels.

Companies that want Benly E scooters in their facilities must sign an agreement with Honda. The agreement guarantees that they must comply with Honda’s sale of their used batteries.

Electronic waste is a growing concern and something that will only become more severe as more people begin using and replacing batteries in their electric vehicles. It’s an impressive move on Honda’s side. Ideally, it is a move that can hold on to at larger volumes as Honda delivers more electric vehicles on the market.

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Source: RideApart

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