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Harley And Hero Will Collaborate On Small-Displacement Cruiser Bikes!

It has become a trend for various motorcycle manufacturers to construct small-displacement brethren of the more powerful models. This trend is most pronounced with mainstream motorcycle manufacturers on the Asian markets, particularly in India and China.

Harley-Davidson is one such mainstream motorcycle manufacturer. They’ve partnered with QJ Motor in China, and it seems their first foray in the Chinese market may be a 300cc V-twin cruiser.

HD also expanded to India by partnering with Hero MotoCorp. This partnership included import, distribution, sale, and maintenance of all Harleys in India. But, there are larger plans at play, it seems.

Hero MotoCorp will develop new bikes in the low to mid-displacement cruiser range, as evidenced by some sources. The premium models will take on the Harley-Davidson name, while the budget-friendly models will have Hero MotoCorp branding.

This implies that Hero MotoCorp will enter a competitive market, with the mid-displacement segment dominated by Royal Enfield. How will they compare to the giant that is Royal Enfield, which holds 90% of the market share for mid-displacement bikes in India? Time will tell.

For the beginning, some rumors suggest that the first mid-displacement bike from the Harley-Hero partnership will be a bike built on a 500cc platform. When we find out more about it, you betcha we’ll write more about it!

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Source: Ride Apart

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