We already covered the success of Energica in the US; despite the COVID-19 crisis, and it is lightening to see their success in the other markets too! Although they had some difficulties with production due to the pandemic, they have surmounted that they are reaping the rewards. Their recent report shows an increase in the delivery capacity by 68% over the first half of 2020.

They also are seeing a surge in demand for their electric motorcycles. Because of that, Energica has expanded the number of its dealerships by 72%.

Some sources claim that Energica is making distribution deals for the new markets in Asia. The company also got a lot of exposure on the MotoE competition. Expanding to the Asian market seems appropriate, as there is an even bigger demand for electric motorcycles due to the increased interest in renewable energy.

We are looking forward to seeing the next financial results of Energica and compare them to other companies in the same niche. Their strategy is looking like a winner, and we are glad to see this success story during the impending economic crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic will most certainly induce.

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Source: Web Bike World


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