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Ebroh Shows A New, Extremely Affordable Electric Motorcycle – the Bravo GLE!

Ebroh, an established Spanish electric motorcycle company, has a new bike in the works – the Bravo GLE. The bike is relatively small and can be put side-by-side with a 125ccc gas-powered motorcycle. This fact makes it great for beginners and new riders, along with a reasonable price with decent performance.

The Bravo GLE is equipped with a Lithium 72V/75 Ah battery and a 5,000W electronically commutated motor. You can hit this bike up to 110 km/h max, and one charge will get you up to 100 km. The full charge time is 5 hours. Also, the bike utilizes two power modes, low and high. Along with that, it features a reverse mode, which should help with parking this bike.

The weight of the Bravo GLE is 147 kg, which puts it in the same category as other beginner-friendly motorcycles. Based on the specs, it is a standard bike, even though Ebroh classifies it as a sport-touring motorcycle. Well, it certainly looks the part!

The price tag of the bike isn’t too much, standing at 4,490€ (about 4,873$ or 4,015£). 

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Source: Web Bike World

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