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BMW Will Continue To Release Cruiser Models!

BMW ushered in their cruiser lineup revival with the R18 in 2020. It’s a powerhouse with a 1,800cc engine to rival the American giants in the cruiser market.

When the R18 was announced, it was no secret that the company plans to create two more variants of the bike. It would make total sense, as BMW could diversify their cruiser portfolio a bit so that their customers could choose the right fit for them.

For now, BMW has released one from these two additional variants – the R18 Classic. The Classic features saddlebags, a windscreen, and a few small tweaks to the original R18 motorcycle. 

We expect the third variant to be released in the following months. What features will it have? Some rumors state that it will feature a batwing-style fairing, which would give it a tough look and more capability for long road trips.

Of course, it seems that BMW won’t stop with expanding their cruiser lineup even after they release the third variant of the R18. It seems they will continue further by releasing more smaller cruiser bikes.

This information comes from a French publication that had a chance to discuss BMW’s future plans with the head of BMW – Markus Schramm.

Basically, he didn’t want to answer directly to the questions of whether BMW will release smaller R18 variants. Still, he expressed interest in the idea.

But, to build on the rumors, he stated that the R18 isn’t the end of BMW’s cruiser lineup and that it would make sense to him to release smaller cruiser models.

It’s good to see that BMW is embracing the diversification, and we are certainly stoked to see the third R18 variant! 

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Source: Web Bike World

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