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BMW Motorrad Reports Strong June Sales!

According to the sales numbers in June, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, BMW Motorrad still has strong sales. Actually, they enjoy a 10% sales boost in sales year-over-year!

BMW Motorrad saw a drop in sales when the pandemic first hit. Of course, all the panic has detracted people from buying motorcycles. Luckily for them, this June got them back on their feet when it comes to motorcycle sales. According to the sales figures, the company was able to sell 20,021 units this June, which is a lot of bikes, especially when you consider that they have sold 76,707 motorcycles so far in 2020. That is over a quarter of sales in just one month!

These results are admittedly delightful for BMW! They have increased sales compared to last year in Asian markets, Portugal, France, Benelux, and Germany.

This increase is most likely to the surge in demand after some critical restrictions induced by the pandemic were toned down or completely lifted. We are excited to see how this financial year will end up for BMW! The market is undoubtedly demanding their motorcycles!

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Source: Web Bike World

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