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BMW Expands F900XR and S1000XR Bikes To New Markets!

BMW is starting with the expansion of its F900XR and S1000XR motorcycles to new markets! The company recently launched S1000XR in India and the F900XR on the ASEAN market. These two bikes are amazing, and it is good to see that BMW is trying to amaze other markets with them!

The S1000XR motorcycle is an ideal balance between the ergonomics of the GS line, and capabilities of the S1000RR, without being a full-fledged hardcore sports bike. We presume that this bike will be a big hit in the Indian markets. The bike will most likely be premium-priced, but its output is well worth the price tag.

On the other hand, for the people who don’t want to mess with S1000XR-s power, the F900XR is a perfect pick. It offers a delicate balance between sports ergonomics with top-tier performance. The bike is an obvious step back from S1000XR, but it is more than welcome in Southeast Asia. Time and sales figures will tell in the end!

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Source: Web Bike World

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