If we remember super heroes for anything other than their superpowers, it must be the design of their suits itself. Some of the most creative minds in the entertainment industry have their hands in designing some of the most iconic super heroes ever. From the slinging Spider-Man to shadow-embracing Batman, there are dozens of different designs that may catch attention to a wholly different group of fans. Even better, some motorcycle helmet manufacturers notice the popularity of super heroes. In return, they create super hero themed motorcycle helmets that are a true sight to behold!

Choosing what are the best super hero motorcycle helmets is no easy task. We have to take different tastes into account, but also the quality of the construction and design of the helmets themselves.

If you are in a rush, here is a table of our picks for the best super hero helmets for 2021:

custom-painted-venom-motorcycle-helmet-matrix-street-fxCustom Painted Venom Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
custom-painted-venom-hjc-motorcycle-helmetCustom Painted Venom HJC RPHA-11 Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
matrix-spider-man-custom-painted-helmetCustom Painted Spider-Man Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
hjc-custom-painted-spider-man-motorcycle-helmetCustom Painted Spider-Man HJC CS-15 Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
hjc-custom-painted-punisher-helmetCustom Painted Punisher HJC CL-17 Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
custom-painted-the-flash-hjc-i70-motorcycle-helmetCustom Painted The Flash HJC i70 Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
HJC-CS-17-DeadpoolCustom Painted Deadpool HJC IS-17 Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
custom-painted-deadpool-matrix-pro-motorcycle-helmetCustom Painted Deadpool Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
custom-painted-batman-hcj-rpha11-motorcycle-helmetCustom Painted Batman HJC RPHA-11 Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price
hjc-rpha-70-st-iron-man-motorcycle-helmetCustom Painted HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle HelmetCheck Price

After working through different super hero designs, we have prepared a list of best and most affordable super hero motorcycle helmets in 2021! So, jump with us into the rich multiverse, and let’s discover some fantastic designs together!

#1: Marvel Venom Motorcycle Helmet

Marvel Venom Motorcycle Helmet
Image Source: CinemaBlend

More of an antihero than a super hero, we still could not pass up this awesome Symbiote on our list of best super hero helmets! Starting out as a villain to Spider-Man, his character was so popular that he effectively became one of the most beloved supervillains! Just watch the Venom movie from 2018 and you’ll know what are we talking about!

Venom’s design is equally as vibrant as it is intimidating – arguably the two characteristics that will make this super hero helmet design stand out in the crowded line at the red lights. The Symbiote’s body is pitch black, with elongated white eyes that up the intimidation factor. His vibrant red mouth and rows of sharp teeth are what makes his design timeless, perfect for a custom motorcycle helmet iteration.

There are two Venom motorcycle helmets that are really worth your while, one from HJC and one from Blaze ArtWorks.

Custom Painted Venom Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Venom Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle Helmet

The Venom motorcycle helmet from Blaze ArtWorks aims at a realistic, three-dimensional iteration of our favorite Symbiote. Going away from his comic book iteration, and focusing on his ferocity, the teeth on this design are truly intimidating. There is even blood featured on his sharp teeth to up the intimidation factor! This airbrushed design is created on Matrix Street FX Pro motorcycle helmet, which is arguably one of the best motorcycle helmets to base a custom design on. It features an aerodynamic shell with DOT safety standard to seal the deal.

Custom Painted Venom HJC RPHA-11 Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Venom HJC RPHA-11 Motorcycle Helmet

The Venom motorcycle helmet from HJC is true to its comic book roots, which may rejoice comic book fans. It is essentially a custom painted HJC RPHA-11 motorcycle helmet. Designers from HJC have thoughtfully put the visor in the middle of the Venom’s mouth design, which effectively showcases Venom’s comic book ferocity, with sharp teeth and vibrant red mouth circling the visor. There is also the signature Venom symbol on the back of this black helmet, as well as the elongated comic iteration eyes starting on the crown of the helmet.

The features that you get with this custom painted HJC RPHA-11 helmet are also very nice! You get a sturdy, aerodynamic, DOT certified motorcycle helmet that has tinted and clear face shields included in the package!

#2: Marvel Spider-Man Motorcycle Helmet

Marvel Spider-Man Motorcycle Helmet

Did you even doubt that Spider-Man, one of the most beloved super heroes ever, wouldn’t make the cut on our list? Well, here he is, in all of his friendly neighborhood Spidey glory! Whether you prefer his comic book or movie designs, custom motorcycle helmet creators have made sure that you are covered!

His timeless red and blue design has captured the hearts of fans since his comic book inception in the 1960s. There is something down-to-earth with the persona of the titular hero that makes him immensely popular with fans worldwide. Good-natured, and prone to mistakes driven by emotion, Spider-Man (or Peter Parker) is as human as it gets.

We have two very catchy Spider-Man motorcycle helmets to show here. First up is the custom design from the good folks from Blaze ArtWorks that closely resembles the conflicted Spidey from Spider-Man 3 movie. On the other side, we have yet another custom HJC Spider-Man motorcycle helmet, a spawn of their partnership with Marvel, that is inspired by the most recent iteration of Spider-Man, from the Homecoming movie.

Custom Painted Spider-Man Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Spider-Man Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle Helmet

From the visual perspective, you will notice that this helmet design is influenced by the Spider-Man 3 movie design. In that movie, Peter Parker has a sort of identity crisis, with Venom slowly overtaking the Spider-Man persona. You can see that in the design of this Spider-Man helmet, as the backside of the helmet features black goo resembling Venom. This design aims for something new, as it is mostly dominated by red color and webs all around.

This custom Spider-Man helmet is an airbrushed variant of the Matrix Street FX Pro motorcycle helmet, an excellent DOT certified helmet. Blaze ArtWorks airbrushes all of their designs onto this particular helmet, as it is an excellent base for custom designs.

Custom Painted Spider-Man HJC CS-15 Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Spider-Man HJC CS-R3 Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Spider-Man helmet really shines when it comes to authenticity. This design closely resembles the Spider-Man from the two recent, lighthearted movies. In these two iterations, Peter Parker is even younger, and is taking on a role of a friendly neighborhood Spidey.

The classic comic style red and blue color scheme is shining on this helmet from HJC! HJC CS-15 is a relatively cheap full-face motorcycle helmet that has DOT certification to back it up. It is a very comfortable and light helmet, weighing only 2,26 kg. Even the vents on the helmet are incredibly stylish, giving an illusion of eyebrows. This helmet is most effective if you wear it with an outfit with red tones.

#3: Marvel Punisher Motorcycle Helmet

Marvel Punisher Motorcycle Helmet

Frank Castle is a literal one-man army, and his anti-hero persona, The Punisher, perfectly encompasses that. The vengeful Punisher won’t stop until he hasn’t purged his city of crime and gotten his revenge. His signature black and white design, with an ominous skull to show off his attitude, is a perfect match for motorcycle riders who prefer to wear black.

Custom Painted Punisher HJC CL-17 Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Punisher HJC CL-17 Motorcycle Helmet

This spawn from the HJC and Marvel partnership is a sight to behold and is an accurate representation of the source material. His dark and menacing personality is perfectly showcased with the design of this helmet, with black and white tones dominating the helmet. Actually, what dominates the helmet is the Punisher’s skull, the larger variant being on the front part of the helmet, and the smaller insignia being on the back of the helmet.

The CL-17 helmet itself is of top-notch quality and features a DOT safety rating. Its polycarbonate shell is home to an advanced ventilation system that does a great job at keeping your head cool during hot rides. To seal the deal, you get a Pinlock face shield that is great at keeping the fog at bay.

#4: The Flash Motorcycle Helmet

The Flash Motorcycle Helmet

Didn’t you expect at least one entry from the DC Universe on our best super hero motorcycle helmets list? The lightning-fast Flash is an ideal contender, as he is synonymous with speed. And by speed, we really mean it. During a lab accident that involved a lightning strike, the Flash got his signature high speed and reflexes that sit right at home with the motorcycle niche.

His legendary red suit is a source of inspiration for many custom motorcycle helmet makers. Arguably the best Flash motorcycle helmet iteration is a child of HJC and DC comics partnership. With such a helmet, you can really emphasize lightning-fast at the next level!

Custom Painted The Flash HJC i70 Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted The Flash HJC i70 Motorcycle Helmet

Who is better than HJC to make a high-quality, Flash themed motorcycle helmet? The Flash design is meticulously recreated on the HJC i70 motorcycle helmet, with red accents and signature lightning bolts providing superb contrast. This helmet is a full-face sports-touring helmet that includes an internal sun visor to ease up the rides significantly.

With such a high-quality helmet and a reasonable price, you can take the speed to another level!

#5: Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet

Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet

The foul-mouthed Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is one of the most popular super heroes of modern times, thanks to his two very successful cinema outings, Deadpool and Deadpool 2. His sense of black humor has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Other than that, we shouldn’t doubt the excellence of his costume design either. His signature black and red color scheme with black eye holes perfectly symbolizes his healing abilities and combat prowess.

Deadpool design has many custom motorcycle helmet variants, but probably one of the best super hero helmets is the themed HJC RPHA-11 motorcycle helmet. Other than the HJC iteration, we would like to mention an even more stylish custom painted Deadpool motorcycle helmet from Blaze ArtWorks! Let’s check both of them out!

Custom Painted Deadpool HJC IS-17 Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Deadpool HJC IS-17 Motorcycle Helmet

This custom painted HJC full-face helmet is perfect for any Deadpool fan. You get DOT safety rating, aerodynamic shell construction, a large field of view, and an excellent ventilation system. Of course, we are here for the Deadpool design, and we must say that it delivers in full glory! The themed HJC IS-17 helmet is essentially a replica of Deadpool mask, with red and black tones and black eye holes that are correctly translated to the helmet’s shell.

Custom Painted Deadpool Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Deadpool Matrix Street FX Pro Motorcycle Helmet

The Blaze ArtWorks team of custom painters sure knows how to bring the beloved comic book characters to life. This Deadpool-themed Matrix helmet bears a close resemblance to the comic book Deadpool, which is even better for cosplay than the HJC iteration.

The red finish on the helmet is a joy for eyes, and the construction of the helmet perfectly matches Deadpool’s mask. Of course, with this custom painted Deadpool motorcycle helmet, you get superior safety confirmed by DOT standard, an aerodynamic shell, and a very comfortable helmet for longer rides.

#6: Batman, The Dark Knight Motorcycle Helmet

Batman, The Dark Knight Motorcycle Helmet

Here is another legendary super hero from the DC Universe. It’s the one and only, Batman! Our favorite bat has seen quite a journey, starting from the comics since the 1940s, and eventually making his way to the big cinema screens. Batman has seen many different iterations, from lighthearted to classic gothic looks. The dark, bat-like motive has always stayed with our favorite DC Universe super hero, to symbolize his intimidation factor for the wicked denizens of Gotham City.

You can find dozens of different Batman motorcycle helmet designs, but we prefer the dark vibe of the most recent movie trilogy outings from Cristopher Nolan. He has brought Batman in a new, gothic and gritty look that simply amazes with its attention to detail.

Custom Painted Batman HJC RPHA-11 Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted Batman HJC RPHA-11 Motorcycle Helmet

HJC has done a great job with recreating yet another iconic super hero to the motorcycle helmet market. They have customized the amazing RPHA-11 helmet to resemble the matte finish found on the Batman’s suit. You can see his signature bat logo on the top and rears of this sports helmet.

The pricing is also pretty good, as this helmet offers a right bang for your buck, from an aerodynamic shell to high safety and advanced ventilation system to keep you fresh during those hellish hot rides!

#7: Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet
Image Source: Cover Abyss

Iron Man is one of the most humanized super heroes on this list, starting as a slightly arrogant playboy millionaire, until he gets into a life-threatening situation that prompts him to rethink his pathos, and sets him on a new, humble path of a super hero. Tony Stark is sometimes stubborn but always thinks of the greater good. Well, in this case, we can see the Iron Man-themed motorcycle helmets as a greater good, as his character has a helmet so iconic that there are dozens of variations on that design.

We even have a post on best Iron Man helmets over here!

The iconic gold and yellow color scheme of Iron Man helmet are further complemented by blue eye sockets that offer an insight into the power of Iron Man. Our favorite custom painted Iron Man motorcycle helmet must be the one from HJC Helmets.

Custom Painted HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Custom Painted HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Sneaking its way on the best super hero motorcycle helmets list, here is the yet another themed HJC helmet! These guys sure know how to do a partnership right! The titular HJC helmet is a perfect base for the Iron Man theme, as it is a sturdy and comfortable helmet, with some high-tech features that really make it seem like a Tony Stark creation.

Its design resembles the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe Iron Man iteration, with the gold and red perfectly blending with the blue eye sockets to seal the authenticity of the helmet. Its amazing graphic design perfectly justifies the price of the helmet.

There are plenty more super heroes with their motorcycle helmet iterations, but we think that these seven are the best super hero motorcycle helmets that you can find currently. There is a bigger inclusion of Marvel super heroes on this list, but there are some DC Universe themed motorcycle helmets that shine!

We hope that we included your favorite super heroes on this list, and if you have any more suggestions, feel free to do so in the comment section below!


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