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At Intermot 2022, a Kawasaki electric bike prototype is on display.

We are at the beginning of October 2022, which means that 2023 is just a few months away. It follows that 2025 is just two years distant. If you recall, Kawasaki declared that year that it will provide more than 10 distinct types of electric and hybrid vehicles in markets all over the world.

It was initially announced in October 2021. Since then, the business kept very quiet about its behind-the-scenes operations for a while. Kawasaki believed it was past due to let at least a few of its projects out of the bag by the time the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race came around in August 2022. That’s when we first saw a pair of prototype electric and hybrid electric vehicles, each of which had Kawasaki DNA.

Specifications of Kawasaki electric bike

The expectation was that Kawasaki would withhold information about either vehicle at the time given that both were prototypes. According to VIN decoder data, a forthcoming electric Kawasaki motorcycle should have 14.8 horsepower, firmly placing it in the 125cc-equivalent range. This makes a lot of sense as a first attempt at an adult-targeted Kawasaki electric bike. After all, millions of riders worldwide depend on 125cc motorbikes to go where they need to go daily.

On October 4, 2022, the opening day of the first Intermot event hosted in three years, take place. Kawasaki Europe showcased its EV motorbike prototype at an Intermot press briefing just two months after initially revealing those prototypes in Japan.

Kawasaki EV Motorcycle at Intermot
Kawasaki EV Motorcycle at Intermot

Masaya Tsurono, managing director of Kawasaki Motors Europe, spoke extensively about the company’s future ambitions, which undoubtedly involve both electric and hybrid automobiles. According to Kawasaki, this prototype—which was only made for display at the press conference—will “form the basis of a real future production machine.”

What about the actual bike? It is quite obvious that it is an electrified Z. It’s interesting to note that the prototype has a chain drive, as you can see in the video. Not many manufacturers of two-wheeled electric vehicles now make that decision.

Although we are aware that it is a prototype, the term may refer to a wide range of early versions of a product, and this one appears to be rather futuristic. The following actions, which are undoubtedly forthcoming, are eagerly anticipated. For more news and updates keep visiting BikersInsider.

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